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Paramotor over Hunter’s road Botswana/Zimbabwe

18 Septiembre 2009, por Antonio Rodríguez

Un maravilloso vídeo que nadie se puede perder!

elefantes paramotor Paramotor over Hunters road Botswana/Zimbabwe“Flying with a paramotor over the border between Botswana and Zimbabwe called Hunter’s road. There are two roads, one in each country at sometime less than 10 meters from each other. It’s a wild area, so the animals are more nervous than the one in reserves”

Paramotor over Hunter’s road Botswana/Zimbabwe


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  1. 1 - Eric Champenois dice:

    Thank you for your interest in my video.

    The exact location is in Kazuma forest, next to the Kasuma pan. 24km north of Pandamatenga.

    Enjoy flying, … :-D

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